Welcome to Ecuador, South America!

  San Jorge Eco-lodges & The Magic Birding Circuit of Ecuador

 We own  five reserves in six different eco-systems throughout Ecuador. All of our lodges are within a two hour radius of Quito and situated in birding hotspots.

Experience our birdwatching tours and eco-adventures at their best as you visit the High Barren Plain, Highland Rainforest, Paramo, Cloud Forest and Tropical Rainforest.

We also own four Eco-Lodges which are located inside the reserves! Our four different lodges are: 

San Jorge Eco-Lodge of Quito: Andean and Paramo Botanical Reserve

 San Jorge Eco-Lodge of Tandayapa: Cloud Forest - Hummingbird Sanctuary

San Jorge Eco-Lodge of Milpe: Lower Foothill Forest - Bird and Orchid Reserve

 San Jorge Eco-Lodge of Cosanga: Eastern Andean Cloud Forest Reserve

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Jorge Eco-Lodges are rustic and environmentally friendly, and offer quality services. We are not a 5 star electronic hotel. We offer over 1,000 species of birds, 60 species of hummingbirds, over 300 species of orchids, hundreds of butterflies, flora and fauna, running rivers and 15 waterfalls.

Customize your own Tour!

All our Birding Tours can be combined with any of the following tours:  

galapagos turtleGalapagos Extension Tours

vNatural History Tours

vMedicinal Plant & Shaman Tours

vOrchid Tours

vHiking Tours

vButterfly Watching Tours

vMountain Bycicle 

vColonial Quito City Tours

vOtavalo Indian Market


June, 2013 Grand Opening San Jorge of Milpe Bird & Orchid Lodge  

Tamandua Anteater New Lodge Milpe Rose_face_Parrot

Tropical Rainforest - West Andean Slope

Open air restaurant and bar surrounded by exuberant forest!

165 ft tall observation deck to enjoy canopy birds!

Deluxe & Spacious Rustic Suites with balcony and great views!

See Birds from your room! Over 450 bird species.

Numerous Chocoan and Tubesian Endemics!!!

Beautiful pristine tropical forest and well-maintained trails!  

11 waterfalls and several swimming holes!

Spectacular birding & hiking within Mindo-Milpe area!

Obeservation deck M2 New rooms Milpe

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Hummingbirds of the Magic Birding Circuit    


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