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San Jorge Eco-lodges is an Ecuadorian company established in 1989 by Dr. George Cruz and his wife Irina Alcivar to offer the world the chance to experience Ecuador's unparalleled mega-biodiversity and its high cultural and historical value. 

About Ecuador

How mega-biodiverse Ecuador really is? a country the size of Colorado State in the USA, hosts more than 1600 bird species (18% of the world's total bird species), 135 hummingbird species (world record), 320 mammal species, 410 reptile species, 460 amphibian species, over 4500 butterfly species, 800 freshwater fish species, 450 marine fish species and 4032 orchid species. The most biologically-diverse country in the world when measured by square miles.     

What we offer

We offer four different Eco-lodges and private natural reserves throughout Northern Ecuador. Each eco-lodge is situated in a unique birding hotspot and eco-system. All our lodges and reserves are within a two hour radius from Ecuador's capital city Quito.

We offer a safe, confortable, and welcoming environment for our visitors.

We offer confortable and environmentally friendly deluxe-bungalow-suites. We are not a 5 star electronic hotel.

We also offer, a wide array of  the best birding, nature, and cultural tours in Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands & The Amazon Jungle.

We offer friendly, specialized, passionate, and 100% Ecuadorian staff and nature/birding guides. 

We offer travelers the freedom to create their own itinerary according to their likes and interests.   

We will happily provide short-notice reservations.

What We promise

We promise high standard accommodations & superior quality services at a competitive price, always.

We promise a lifetime and hassle-free trip. A truly unforgettable experience. 

We promise that all our lodges follow sustainable enviromental practices which benefit both local communities and the environment. 

We promise that a percentage of our financial income will go toward local community development and conservation of critically endangered Ecuadorian forests.   


Our four different Eco-lodges and natural reserves are:

San Jorge Eco-Lodge of Quito: Andean Forest & Paramo Botanical Reserve
Tandayapa lodge iconSan Jorge Eco-lodge Tandayapa: Cloud Forest-Hummingbird Sanctuary  
 San Jorge Eco-lodge of Milpe: Upper Tropical Forest-Bird & Orchid Reserve
 San Jorge Eco-Lodge of Cosanga: Eastern Andean Cloud Forest Reserve


Customize your own Tour!

All tours can be arranged according to your time, interests and budget!

Begin preparing your personalized itinerary now:  

Birding & Bird Photography Tours 
 Galapagos Islands Tours & Cruise Deals
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Map of San Jorge Eco-lodges & Destinations

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June, 2013 Grand Opening San Jorge of Milpe Bird & Orchid Lodge     

Tamandua Anteater New Lodge Milpe Rose_face_Parrot

 Tropical Rainforest - West Andean Slope

 Open air restaurant and bar surrounded by exuberant forest!

 165 ft tall observation deck to enjoy canopy birds!

 Deluxe & Spacious Rustic Suites with balcony and great views!

 See Birds from your room! Over 450 bird species.

 Numerous Chocoan and Tubesian Endemics!!!

 Beautiful pristine tropical forest and well-maintained trails!  

 11 waterfalls and several swimming holes!

 Spectacular birding & hiking within Mindo-Milpe area!  

Obeservation deck M2 New rooms Milpe 

Click here to see more of this lodge! 


Hummingbirds of the Magic Birding Circuit      




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San Jorge Eco-Lodges & The Magic Birding Circuit of Ecuador

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